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Flexible planning in DELIVER project

It  is more efficient to reschedule locally than to preschedule globally to companies. This is the outcome of an experiment, carried out for the European research project Deliver. Almende and its daughter company DEAL Services are partners in the Deliver project consortium.

Flexible planning

The main goal of the Deliver project is to improve planning for (logistics) companies. Normally, companies schedule their resources (workforce, vehicle fleet, etc.) days or even weeks in advance. Traditional planning approaches  are often poorly equipped for adapting the schedules to sudden disturbances and (disruptive) changes. This makes them not very reliable, as incidents occur all the time. The Deliver project aims to explore  flexible planning systems for the logistics industry that allows logistics coordinators to quickly respond to these sudden changes .

Experiment with vehicles

The Deliver project partners, which include Almende b.v. and its subsidiary  DEAL Services, have created software for such a flexible planning system. This was tested recently.  An algorithm, developed by the University of Leiden, was connected to the communication platform of DEAL Services. The new software made an ad hoc planning for five vehicles. Students were recruited to drive the vehicles.

DEAL platform

It turns out that a company can use their vehicles and working force more efficient with ad hoc scheduling. It only demands a more flexible attitude of the employees involved. To Almende and DEAL Services, this experiment proves that external applications and algorithms can be easily connected to the DEAL-platform. This makes the platform more attractive to new clients.


The consortium is now completing the final report of the Deliver project which will be sent to the European Union. Deliver is funded by EUREKA. Partners are the University of Leiden, the Technical University of Dortmund, DEAL/Almende, security company Trigion and RIF, a German technology company.

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